Established in 1995, PT Prudential Life Assurance [Prudential Indonesia] is part of Prudential plc, an international financial services group is very prominent in the UK. As part of the Group experienced more than 167years in the life insurance industry, Prudential Indonesia is committed to develop its business in Indonesia.

-PT Prudential Life Assurance has a business license in the field of life insurance joint venture by the Minister of Finance of Indonesia Number: 241/KMK.017/1995 dated June 1, 1995 in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance Letter No. S.191/MK.6/2001 dated March 6, 2001 Letter conjunction with the Minister of Finance No. S.614/MK.6/2001 dated October 23, 2001 in conjunction with the letter of the Minister of Finance No. S-9077/BL /2008 dated December 19, 2008.

-Since the launch of investment-linked insurance product [unit linked] in 1999, Prudential Indonesia has become the market leader for the product category in Indonesia. Prudential Indonesia provides a variety of products and services designed to meet and accommodate the financial needs of its customers in Indonesia.

-Until December 31, 2015, Prudential Indonesia has its headquarters in Jakarta and marketing office in Medan, Surabaya, Bandung, Denpasar, Batam and Semarang. Prudential Indonesia, serving more than 2.5 million customers through more than 251,000 marketers in 394 Independent Sales Offices [KPM] throughout the country including Jakarta-Surabaya-Medan-Bandung-Yogyakarta, Batam and Bali.
Some of the key business achievements until December 31, 2015:
-Total premium income: Rp 26.9 trillion
-The total contribution of funds tabarru: Rp 2.2 trillion
-Total assets of Rp 55.9 trillion
-Total funds under management: Rp 45.2 trillion
-Total claims paid: Rp 9.1 trillion
-Risk-Based Capital [RBC]: 1,029%

Various awards have been received by Prudential Indonesia over the years.